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OhioHealth MyChart and MyChart Powered by OhioHealth



MyChart is an optional service that allows you online access to your personal medical information and the ability to communicate online with your health care providers.


"OhioHealth MyChart" is offered to patients of OhioHealth. "MyChart powered by OhioHealth" is offered to patients of certain independent healthcare providers that are not owned by OhioHealth. When the term "MyChart" is used in this document, it refers to both OhioHealth MyChart and MyChart powered by OhioHealth, unless otherwise indicated.


Purpose of MyChart

MyChart allows you another option to access your personal medical information and communicate with your health care providers. MyChart allows you to view certain medical information online, including, but not limited to, summary health information, medications, allergies, immunizations, history, laboratory and other test results as released by your health care providers. MyChart provides a method to communicate with certain health care providers to allow you to: (1) receive important health reminders, (2) request prescription refills and renewals, and (3) communicate with your health care providers about non-urgent medical issues. Additionally, through MyChart you may (1) review past and upcoming appointments, as well as request and cancel appointments; (2) access selected billing and payment information and make billing and payment inquiries; and (3) link to third party Web sites providing health information. The list of above services and information available on MyChart may change from time to time. If you have questions about what services and information are available within MyChart, you should contact your physician.


MyChart is not a substitute for traditional medical advice, consultation, diagnosis, or treatment.

You have the right to review your medical record. However, MyChart does not provide you with access to your complete medical record as maintained by your health care provider.

  • Patients of OhioHealth who would like access to their complete medical record, should contact the OhioHealth Information Management department or request access at the location at which you received your medical care.
  • Patients of independent physicians using MyChart powered by OhioHealth should contact their physician's office to request access to their complete medical record.

Terms and Conditions of Use

By using MyChart, you agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use, which may change from time to time without notice. Your use of MyChart means that you accept the Terms and Conditions in place at the time of use; therefore, you are encouraged to review these Terms and Conditions regularly. You agree to use MyChart appropriately and as intended and acknowledge that MyChart is provided for your convenience. MyChart and its availability is not an entitlement or right and may be discontinued at any time. Your health care provider reserves the right to revoke your access to MyChart at any time for any reason or to discontinue the service entirely at any time.


User Responsibility

You agree that MyChart is offered as a convenience to you as a patient, that it permits you to access portions of your medical record, and that you are solely responsible for any MyChart information that you communicate, whether intentionally or not, to others. You are responsible for any use of MyChart by your agents or dependents, and you agree to inform such agents or dependents of these Terms and Conditions and their obligations to comply with them. You may not assign the rights and obligations accruing to you under these Terms and Conditions without the prior written consent of OhioHealth, and any attempted assignment not in compliance with this sentence shall be void.

The security of your personal medical information contained in your MyChart is dependent upon you selecting a secure password. It is your responsibility to create a secure password. At a minimum your password must be between eight and twenty characters long, contain at least one letter and one number and cannot be the same as your Username. Passwords should not contain words, your birthday, your social security number or any other easily guessed information.

It is extremely important that you keep your activation code, username and password confidential, as anyone who knows them will have access to your personal medical information and can send and receive communications in MyChart as if they were you. It is your responsibility to safeguard your username and password, and to notify your health care provider immediately and change your password if you believe the security of your information has been compromised. In addition, in order to maintain the security of the site, you may be forced to change your password at any time, without prior notice, upon login and before you are allowed access to your account. You can change your password by clicking the "Change Password" link on the MyChart homepage. If it is discovered that you have inappropriately shared your password with another person, or otherwise misused or abused your privileges to access MyChart, your access to MyChart may be discontinued without prior notice.

MyChart Enrollment

Your enrollment in MyChart is contingent on verification of your identity. If you enroll in MyChart in person or by mail, you will receive an activation code from your health care provider. This activation code will permit you to create a user identification ("MyChart Username") and password, which will be used to log into the site. Please activate your account as soon as possible so that you may begin using the services immediately and avoid the inconvenience of having to sign up a second time. If you fail to use your activation code within sixty (60) days of it being issued, it will expire and you will have to obtain a new activation code from your health care provider to enroll in MyChart. After you create your username and password, your activation code will immediately expire and can no longer be used.

Content and Security of MyChart

You and your health care providers will control the content of, and are responsible for, the information sent to MyChart. All information that you or your health care providers enter into your MyChart account will be added into your medical record and may be used or shared as allowed under federal and state law and as described by the OhioHealth Notice of Privacy Practices (for OhioHealth patients) or, if you are accessing MyChart powered by OhioHealth, as described by the Notice of Privacy Practices for your independent physician's practice.

The information contained in MyChart may be sensitive. You should take precautions to protect this information by treating access to MyChart as if it were access to your medical record. For example, it is recommended that you do not access MyChart through a public computer station.

As a convenience, limited content of your MyChart is accessible through mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets) by using a mobile device application. For full access to MyChart features and information, please access the Web-based application using a web browser.

OhioHealth uses 128-bit encryption technology and takes other precautions to ensure that the information contained or transmitted via MyChart is as secure as reasonably possible from unauthorized use or access. As such, your browser must be enabled to transmit via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and 128-bit encryption. If your browser currently does not support this protocol, you will see a prompt asking you to update your security and a link to a site where you may obtain the necessary plug-in at no charge. SSL is used for transmitting personal demographic information, personal medical information and credit card information. OhioHealth uses industry-standard encryption technologies to protect and secure the MyChart site, including the secure messaging function. Because of the added security of web-based, encrypted messaging, OhioHealth strongly recommends the use of secure messaging via MyChart, instead of e-mail, for online communications.

MyChart may offer links to medical websites that are not part of OhioHealth or your health care provider. These website links are provided for general information purposes only. OhioHealth does not endorse and has not verified the accuracy of the information on these websites, and you should not rely on the information for purposes of treatment or diagnosis.

MyChart Communications

You must provide us with your email address when creating your MyChart account, and keep your email address current via the Personal Preferences link in MyChart. No confidential information will be sent to your email, but as a user of MyChart, you will be notified via email when there is new information to be viewed via MyChart or in situations where OhioHealth provides a general notice to MyChart users through the email account provided at the time of MyChart activation. Additionally, your activation code may be sent to your email. This means that any person with access to your email will be able to see this information. This could include your family members, employer or anyone else who has access to your email account. It is your obligation to appropriately control access to your e-mail account and to verify and update your email address via the "Personal Preferences" link in MyChart to ensure you receive notice of newly released information in a timely manner. OhioHealth and your health care provider are not responsible for any damage resulting from your failure to verify and update your email and account information.

If you elect to use MyChart, it may be used by your health care providers to communicate selected test results and other important medical information to you. All communications using MyChart take place via a secure Internet connection. OhioHealth assumes no responsibility for how you use the information you obtain from MyChart. You should direct any questions you have about the data available to you in MyChart to your physician or other healthcare provider. MyChart is not a substitute for consultation with your physician or healthcare provider.

You may also communicate information to MyChart through a secure Internet connection. When using MyChart to send secure messages to your health care provider, use the provided drop down box relating to the subject of the communication in the message's subject line. You should not use MyChart to send messages regarding matters that require urgent attention. While reasonable efforts will be made to provide a timely response to communications through MyChart, your healthcare provider cannot guarantee a specific time frame for a response or that any response will be provided. Delays can occur based on the volume of messages and technology outside of your healthcare provider's control. At times, the clinic staff or personnel that needs to respond to a communication may not be available. For these reasons, you should not use MyChart to communicate with OhioHealth or your health care provider in urgent situations. For all urgent medical matters, contact your health care provider's office directly, or, for emergencies, go directly to an emergency room or call 911.

Your health care provider is only able to respond to electronic communications based on the information you provide. If you provide insufficient information, your health care provider will be unable to provide an accurate or reliable response.

Please note that the contents of any MyChart communication may become part of your permanent medical record. This communication does not constitute an addendum or amendment to your existing medical records and may not be considered part of OhioHealth designated medical record set. To exercise your legal rights in requesting an addendum or amendment of your medical records you should contact OhioHealth Information Management or your health care provider's office.

MyChart Share Everywhere

Share Everywhere provides a way for you to share your medical information. Notes created in Share Everywhere may not be reviewed by a healthcare provider, may not become part of your medical record, and do not constitute a referral. Anyone sending a note from Share Everywhere should call 911 in the event of an emergency and that any correspondence intended for an OhioHealth provider should be delivered by traditional means (fax, letter, or phone).

MyChart Mobile Application Restrictions

The OhioHealth MyChart mobile application is intended for use only on a mobile device that is running an unmodified manufacturer-approved operating system. Using the OhioHealth MyChart mobile application on a device with a modified operating system may undermine security features that are intended to protect personal medical information from unauthorized or unintended disclosure. You may compromise the privacy and security of your personal medical information if you use the OhioHealth MyChart mobile application on a mobile device that has been modified. Use of the OhioHealth MyChart mobile application on a mobile device with a modified operating system is a material breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Minor Eligibility

Minors under the age of 14 years may not have their own MyChart account. However, a parent/legal guardian may establish a MyChart record for such minors and access the record through the parent's/guardian's accounting using proxy access. The amount of information the parent will be able to see in MyChart depends on the age and legal status of the minor. The limits on MyChart access does not affect any other right the parent or legal guardian may have to obtain a minor child's medical records.


A minor who is 14 years of age or older old may obtain their own MyChart account upon request and subject to the approval of both the minor's physician and the minor's parents/guardian. A minor 14 years of age or older will be able to access their MyChart record through his or her own account. In addition, a parent/legal guardian of a minor 14 years of age or older may continue to have or establish proxy access to the minor's MyChart record (see below).


Once a patient reaches 18 years of age, any previously-established MyChart account or proxy access will be terminated automatically. The patient may then request to open a new MyChart account as an adult.

Minor Patients. If the patient is a minor, proxy access will only be granted to individuals who have parental rights or legal guardianship over the patient (and only to the extent that the party requesting proxy access can demonstrate this relationship or otherwise establish the legal right to access the minor patient's medical information).

Adult Patients. If the patient is a competent adult, proxy access will only be granted to an individual if the patient has consented to the proxy access. If the adult is not competent to consent, proxy access may be authorized by the person with legal authority to consent for the adult.

For more complete information on proxy access and restrictions on minor proxy access, please review the MyChart Authorization for Proxy Access Form.


You understand and agree that the use of MyChart is entirely at your own discretion and that OhioHealth Corporation and its physicians, employees, agents and contractors (and the physicians, employees, agents and contractors of the practices using MyChart powered by OhioHealth) shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, punitive or other monetary damages, fees, fines, penalties or liabilities arising out of or relating to your voluntary use of this service.

This website and all other OhioHealth websites, whether managed or hosted by OhioHealth or not, and the content contained herein and therein are provided by OhioHealth (or your health care provider) on an "AS-IS" basis. OhioHealth makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this sites, or the content, products and/or services included therein. To the fullest extent permissible by applicable law, OhioHealth disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and/or infringement. OhioHealth is not responsible for any action taken by you in reliance upon the information provided through MyChart and this service.

Some of the material on the MyChart site is provided by third parties, and OhioHealth shall not be held responsible for any such third-party material. OhioHealth disclaims any responsibility for or liability related to such third-party material. Any questions, complaints, or claims related to any third party product should be directed to the appropriate third party.

Site Access and Licenses

OhioHealth grants a limited license to each user to make personal use only of the website and the associated services in accordance with these terms and conditions of use. This license expressly excludes, without limitation, any reproduction, duplication, sale, resale, or together commercial use of the website and the associated services, making any derivative of the website or the associated services, the collection and use of the user email addresses or other user information, including, without limitation, health information or any data extraction or data mining whatsoever. Through this License, you may be able to upload third party data into MyChart or download limited medical information from MyChart to select third party sites.

Copyright and Trademark

All content included on the MyChart websites, including but not limited to, text, photographs, graphics, button icons, images, artwork, names, logos, trademarks, service marks and data (the "Content"), in any form including the compilation thereof, are protected by U.S. and international copyright law and conventions. The content includes both content owned or controlled by OhioHealth (or by your healthcare provider, as the case may be), and content owned or controlled by third parties and licensed to OhioHealth. Except as permitted in these Terms and Conditions, direct or indirect reproduction of the content, in whole or in part, by any means, is prohibited without the express written consent of OhioHealth and, if necessary, your healthcare provider .

Governing Law

The laws of the State of Ohio govern these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Your Agreement and Authorization

By accessing or using MyChart, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the following Agreement and Authorization.

If you are an OhioHealth patient, you further agree to OhioHealth's Notice of Privacy Practices, which is posted on our website, Notice of Privacy Practices

If you are a patient using MyChart powered by OhioHealth, you further agree to your health care provider's Notice of Privacy Practices, a copy of which can be obtained from your health care provider.

The following is your Agreement and Authorization, please read it carefully:

I accept and agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions set forth above.

I understand that I will create a MyChart username and password to be used to gain access to my personal medical information in MyChart. I understand that this user ID and password are unique codes that identify me to OhioHealth and/or my healthcare provider. I understand that it is extremely important that I keep my MyChart username and password completely confidential. If at any time I feel the confidentiality of my MyChart password has been compromised, I will change it by going to the "Password" link on the MyChart website. I understand that OhioHealth (and my health care provider) takes no responsibility for and disclaim any and all liability or consequential damages arising from a breach of my medical record confidentiality resulting from my sharing, failing to protect, or losing my MyChart password. I understand that if I inappropriately share my password with another person, or have misused or abused my MyChart access privileges in any way, my participation in MyChart may be discontinued. I agree that I will only log in to MyChart as myself and that by logging in I am verifying my identity as the person logging in.

I authorize OhioHealth Corporation, and its employees and affiliated physicians and staff (or, in the case of patients using MyChart powered by OhioHealth, my health care provider and its employees and affiliated physicians and staff), to use MyChart to disclose personal medical information to me and to any person to whom I have authorized to have Proxy Access for me (as described in the Terms and Conditions of Use and the MyChart Authorization for Proxy Access). The type of information to be disclosed to me via MyChart includes, but is not limited to, summary health information, medications, allergies, immunizations, histories, laboratory and other test results, and other information collected by my health care provider pertaining to my medical care. The purpose for the disclosure is ongoing communication between my health care provider and me concerning my medical care. By clicking "accept" below, I am agreeing to this ongoing communication of elements of my medical care. I understand that I am under no obligation to sign this form, and that with certain exceptions, health care providers may not condition treatment, payment, or enrollment or eligibility for health plan benefits on obtaining an authorization. A consequence of failing to sign this authorization is that information will not be released via MyChart.

I may terminate my MyChart account by contacting my health care provider. I understand that OhioHealth (or my health care provider) may terminate my use of MyChart at any time for any reason, and that OhioHealth (or my health care provider) may discontinue the MyChart service entirely at any time.

For patients utilizing MyChart E-Visit and/or Video Visit, the following also applies:

OhioHealth MyChart E-Visit / Video Visit

Terms and Conditions of Use and Consent for Care

By accessing or using OhioHealth MyChart E-Visit or Video Visit, you agree that you understand and agree to the following:

E-Visits and Video Visits should only be used to request medical care for certain non-urgent conditions.  I will not attempt to seek emergency care through E-Visits or Video Visits.  If I have an urgent need to seek a medical provider, I will contact my provider's office by phone.  For medical emergencies, I will call 911.

Existing Patient:  I understand that in order to be eligible for an E-Visit or Video Visit with my provider, I must be an existing patient of my provider, and I must have completed an in-person visit with my provider during the last twelve (12) months.  By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, I am acknowledging that I have had an in-person visit with my provider in the last twelve (12) months. 

Consent for Care:  I consent to receive medical care from my provider via the E-Visit or Video Visit option that I have selected.  The scope of care will be at the sole discretion of my provider, and I understand that there are limitations to the care that can be provided through E-Visits and Video Visits.  I also understand that E-Visits and Video Visits do not take the place of an in-person appointment.  I understand that if my provider is unable to treat my concern through an E-Visit or Video Visit, I should come to my provider's office for an in-person visit. 

Location: I understand that I must be physically located in the State of Ohio to participate in an E-Visit or a Video Visit, and I acknowledge that I am currently physically located in the State of Ohio. 

Timing:  For E-Visits, I understand that I can expect to receive a response from my provider within one (1) business day.  However, should my condition change or worsen, I will either contact my provider's office by phone, or I will dial 911. 

Refusal of Treatment:  I understand that if I refuse treatment that is suggested for me or I do not complete a treatment protocol recommended to me, I will not hold OhioHealth nor any individual responsible for the consequences of my refusal or my decision not to complete my treatment.

Medical Information / Release of Information:   I understand that the contents of my E-Visit/Video Visit (messages between me and my provider as well as information that I have entered concerning my condition) will become a part of my medical record.  I authorize OhioHealth to disclose copies of all or any part of my medical records obtained in the course of my diagnosis and treatment to any insurance carrier, workers compensation carrier, welfare agency, or any other entity, which may be providing financial assistance for my hospital, medical and/or nursing care. I understand that this disclosure may include information concerning Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) testing, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or AIDS-related condition(s), psychiatric condition(s), and/or alcoholism or drug abuse. I also authorize the release of medical information for utilization and quality assurance review to my insurers or their subcontractors and as required by any city, state, or federal laws. I authorize OhioHealth to disclose medical information to my family physician, referring physician, or any other provider directly involved in my medical care. I hereby give my express consent to OhioHealth and its agents to contact me at any phone number (including my cellular phone number) that I have given to OhioHealth personnel for a legal purpose related to my care at OhioHealth, by means including the use of either automatic telephone dialing systems or other computer-assisted technology.  I also understand that OhioHealth is permitted by law to disclose my medical information without my consent for certain purposes as described in the OhioHealth Notice of Privacy Practices.  


For E-Visits: The cost for an E-Visit is $28.  I authorize OhioHealth to charge my credit card the $28 E-Visit fee.  I understand that I will need to provide my credit card information which will be verified prior to my E-Visit.

For Video Visits:  I understand that I will need to provide my credit card information which will be verified prior to my Video Visit.  I understand that OhioHealth will utilize my existing health insurance plan information (if any) in order to determine if I have a health benefit for this type of service and to submit a claim on my behalf.  (I understand that if I need to update my existing health insurance information, I must contact my provider's office by phone or visit in person.)  My copay will be estimated based on the response from my health plan at the time of my Video Visit, and I authorize OhioHealth to charge my credit card for the copay designated by my health insurance plan or, if I do not have health insurance information filed with OhioHealth, the Self-Pay copay as applicable. I understand and agree that I am responsible for all charges relating to my Video Visit that are not covered by my insurance, and I acknowledge that the actual payment by my health plan may be more or less than the estimated amount.  I understand that I will receive a statement reflecting the actual charges of my Video Visit, and I agree to be responsible for all charges relating to my Video Visit that are not covered by insurance.   

Financial Responsibility:  Subject to applicable law and the terms and conditions of any applicable contract between OhioHealth and a third-party payer, and in consideration of all health care services rendered or about to be rendered to me, I agree to be financially responsible and obligated to pay OhioHealth for its total charges not paid under the "Assignment of Benefits" made below.  All other balances must be paid within thirty (30) days after receipt of a statement.  I understand that I will be responsible for the costs of any services rendered to me that are not eligible for benefits under Medicare, Medicaid, insurance or other payors. 

Assignment of Benefits/Third-Party Payers: In consideration of all health care services rendered or about to be rendered to me, I hereby assign to OhioHealth all right, title, and interest in and to any third-party benefits due from any and all insurance policies employee benefit plans and/or responsible third-party payers in an amount not to exceed OhioHealth's regular and customary charges for the health care services rendered.  I authorize such payments from my insurance carriers, third-party payers, and any other third-parties.  I consent to any request for review or appeal by OhioHealth to challenge a determination of benefits made by a third-party payer, insurance carrier or employee benefit plan.  Except as required by law, I assume responsibility for determining in advance whether the services provided to me are covered by my insurance or other third-party payer.

Statement to Permit Payment of Medical Benefits to Provider and Physician(s): I certify that the information given by me in applying for payment under TITLE XVIII of the Social Security Act is correct. I authorize any holder of medical or other information about me to release to the Social Security Administration and/or the Medicare Program or its intermediaries or carriers any information need for this or a related Medicare claim.  I request that payment of authorized benefits be made on my behalf directly to OhioHealth and to physicians and groups providing medical care to me.  

Confidentiality of Video Visits:  I understand that reasonable and appropriate efforts have been made to eliminate confidentiality risks associated with a Video Visit, and I understand that my provider will be in a private room during my Video Visit.  I understand that I am responsible for ensuring my privacy from others at my location, and I affirm that I will take precautions to ensure that my Video Visit cannot be viewed by others near me without my permission. 

Privacy Notice:  I have been offered a copy of OhioHealth's Notice of Privacy Practices within the past year.  The Notice of Privacy Practices is also available here Notice of Privacy Practices

My Communications: I understand that I am responsible for my communications during my E-Visit/Video Visit. I will not:

  • - communicate material that is obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, or embarrassing to any person or entity.
  • - communicate a sexually-explicit image.
  • - impersonate another person.  I acknowledge the information I share pertains only to me.
  • - violate the Children's On Line Privacy Protection Act.
  • - communicate material that is copyrighted, without the permission of the copyright owner.
  • - communicate material that reveals trade secrets, unless I have permission of the owner.
  • - communicate material that infringes on any other intellectual property rights of others or on the privacy or publicity rights of others.

Technology: I agree that if a problem occurs with the technology during my E-Visit or Video Visit or if I feel that I am unable to appropriately communicate the nature of my condition to my provider through my E-Visit or Video Visit, I will call or visit my provider's office.  

If I have questions or concerns about any of this information or about E-Visits or Video Visits, I will contact my provider's office by phone.

MyChart licensed from Epic Systems Corporation, 1999 - 2019.