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Patient Estimates


The above is only a good faith ESTIMATE based on the information known and provided at the time of the request. You, your physician and/or your insurer may have provided the information related to the estimate. Actual amounts owed for the services rendered may be dependent upon your specific needs at the time of the service. Including treatment or services deemed necessary by the physician during the visit and additional information provided by your insurer. Final determination of eligibility and benefits will occur at the time the claim is processed by the insurance company. Payment for any services determined to be non-covered under your benefit plan will be the patient's responsibility. This estimate excludes any and all professional provider fees (Radiologists, Pathologists, Anesthesiologists, Surgeons, Consulting, Admitting and Attending Doctors) and will be billed separately by their offices. These professional charges are not included in this estimate. Additional questions regarding financial arrangements can be directed to our Revenue Cycle Customer Call Center: 1-800-837-2455 or (614) 566-1505.

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